Aleppo Soap 25% Laurel
Aleppo Soap 25% Laurel

Aleppo Soap 25% Laurel

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Certified Aleppo Soap, enriched with 25% Laurel oil.

Recommended for all skins and particularly beneficial to sensitive and fragile skins.

Hypoallergenic, naturally antiseptic, pH neutral Aleppo Soap 25% Laurel gently cleanses and purifies and has superior healing properties thanks to its very high Laurel content.

Made in Aleppo, this authentic Aleppo Soap has dried naturally for nine months in order to develop the extraordinary natural properties for which Aleppo Soaps are renowned. 

Brimming with natural active ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins, protects and promotes natural skin health. 

Long lasting 200g soap. For face and body, daily care of the most sensitive skins.
Natural ingredients: 99,9%. Made in Aleppo.