Little known in the UK, Aleppo Soap is a soap like no other; the most precious soap in the world. 

Renowned since Antiquity for its extraordinary healing, moisturising and purifying properties, Aleppo Soap has been a must have in our home for many years. Here's why:

- Made exclusively of natural Olive and Laurel and pH neutral, Aleppo Soap is a gentle, everyday cleanser for all the family.

- Aleppo Soap helps your skin to reach and maintain its optimum natural pH level. It will leave any skin improved, moisturised and replenished. 

 - Naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal, Aleppo Soap is recommended and effective in the care of acne, eczema or psoriasis-prone skin. Unparalleled in promoting natural skin health, it is particularly beneficial to the most damaged, fragile or delicate skins.

- With no nasty chemicals or additives, Aleppo Soap is also a fantastic all-rounder; it can be used as shampoo, as healing, nourishing and purifying face mask, as shaving cream, etc. It is perfect to wash delicate silk, wool and cashmere items.
It is a fantastic, kind and efficient soap for pets!

- Aleppo Soap is economical, extremely long-lasting, vegetal, ethical and biodegradable.

The Aleppo Soap Company brings you the only Certified Aleppo Soap.
Our Soaps are manufactured according to the traditional Aleppo Process with a nine months-long production time for each Soap. Read more about authentic Aleppo Soap here

We love Aleppo Soap and believe its extraordinary properties make it the best and healthiest Soap in the world.

Try it, let us know what you think. info@alepposoap.co.uk

Authentic Aleppo Soap has no substitute; there are many cheap, unregulated, vacuum dried copies that simply do not have the same properties. 

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