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- 100% natural and pH neutral, made exclusively of Olive and Laurel (Olea Europaea and Laurus Nobilis) fruit oils, Aleppo Soap is a gentle, moisturising cleanser for all skin types including the most fragile and delicate: its benefits are felt as soon as you start using it.

- Aleppo Soap is extremely long-lasting and economical soap, vegetal, ethical and biodegradable.

 - Naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, Aleppo Soap is effective in the care of acne, eczema or psoriasis-prone skin and will leave any skin improved, moisturised and replenished.

- Aleppo Soap is a fantastic all-rounder with many uses around the house: it can be used as a nourishing and purifying face mask and as shaving cream, it is perfect for washing delicate items and is a kind and efficient soap for pets.


Aleppo soap-making, a by-product of the traditional Olive agriculture, has been renowned since ancient times - Aleppo Soap is the ancestor of all soaps, including Marseille and Castille soaps.

Once traded on the Silk Road, authentic Aleppo Soap is still made today by a few soap masters following the same slow, artisanal and antique recipe known as 'The Aleppo Process'.

The saponification of Olive and Laurel Bay oils in small cauldron batches lasts three to four days and the soap is cut by hand and stamped with the distinctive maker's seal. Once ready, the soaps are stacked on airy stone terraces and there starts the nine months drying process which allows the natural ingredients to develop the extraordinary properties of Aleppo Soap.


The Aleppo Soap Company works with Tadé, an ethical French company who since 1994 produces the only authentic, origin-certified Aleppo Soaps.

Authentic Aleppo Soap has no substitute. Still unknown in the UK, precious Aleppo Soap is very much sought after in other parts of the world; there are many cheap, unregulated, vacuum dried copies that simply do not have the same properties. 

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aleppo soap uk