Jasmine Aleppo Liquid Soap
Jasmine Aleppo Liquid Soap
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Jasmine Aleppo Liquid Soap

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Delicately scented Tadé Jasmine Aleppo Liquid Soap is a gentle, healing and purifying soap recommended to dry, sensitive skins thanks to its high Laurel oil content.

naturally soothing and antiseptic soap, pH neutral, biodegradable.

Artisanally made with pure Olive and Organic Laurel**. Full of antioxidants, essential acids and vitamins,  Tadé Jasmine Aleppo Liquid Soap maintains, protects and promotes natural skin health.

Perfect for the most delicate skin and suitable for all the family. Ideal in the shower and as a gentle hand wash. 

500ml. For daily care of face and body*
 *Natural ingredients : 98,5% **organic ingredients